Best Practice

Best Practice

Fully power off your device at least once a week. Sometimes your device needs to be ‘refreshed’ and fully powering off at least once a week can help keep it running smoothly.

Turn off ‘automatic updates’ for apps. Updates for Apps happen often and without warning if you have this option turned on. This could be during a lesson or when you are in the middle of something. It is better that you know when updates are ready so you can install them when you’re not using the device. There is a guide to turning it off in our documents section.

Delete or transfer photos and videos when you can. Photos and Videos over time can easily use up the storage of your device and using up your iCloud (or equivilant) backup very quickly. If they are important you can transfer photos and videos to your workspace through Foldr or any other file management app.

Don’t take photos and videos of people without their permission. Some people do not like having their photo taken and some people are not allowed to. If your teacher has asked you to do an exercise that involves taking photos then make sure you have the permission of everyone involved. This includes the teacher!

Turn off notifications. Notifications become very distracting and annoying very quickly, especially if you’re in the middle of a lesson. You may be using your device as an organiser in which case you will need to keep notifications turned on but please turn the sound down in lessons to avoid distracting yourself and others.

Use headphones. If you need the sound on your device then please use headphones to avoid distracting everyone around you. You must ask the teacher first.

Try to keep the device in its case. The few broken device we’ve seen have been damaged because they have not been kept in a case. There are many cases available which allows you to make full use of the device and its camera without removing its case.

If you have any problems with your device, report it asap. The sooner we know about a problem the easier it is to find a solution!

In addition to this Best Practice, we also have a set of ‘iRules’ which we expect students (and teachers) to follow in the classroom. You can download a copy by clicking the link below.