Safety and Security In order for students’ devices to remain secure we suggest the following:

It is important that devices are kept in their cases at all times.

All devices should be set with a passcode. We recommend to use the more complex 8 character option (or equivalent) that includes both a letters and a number or non-alphanumerical character.

Students should change this passcode on a regular basis (we recommend termly) or immediately if they think that someone else may know the passcode.

Although deceives brought in are the students responsibility and are not covered under the school insurance students should report to the iHub if they think that the security on their device has been compromised.

Students keep their device with them when possible. We realise that there will be occasions when this will not be possible for example during P.E or assemblies. If an iPad goes missing during this time we ask students to report it immediately.

If a student is able to access something on their device that they feel is inappropriate then we ask that they report it immediately to the iHub, the IT hatch or a member of staff.

The following documents which can be downloaded will hopefully provide you with some useful information regarding keeping your child safe online.

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