Tech Support

Device support
If you have a problem with your device please bring it to the iHub which is located at the top entrance of the LRC. If there is a Student Digital Leader in your class then approach them first. They will know what to do if your iPad has frozen, if you need to delete photos and videos or if you need to save some work back to your workspace. If you’re at home and need to contact us do so through the ‘tech support’ page on our site.

WiFi Support
You will need a code to connect to the school wireless. If you don’t have the code then please contact IT support or the iHub.

We require all devices to login to our wireless network when they are at school regardless of whether they are school owned or personal. If you cannot access the internet in school then it is likely you are not logged in. To do this you’ll need to open your browser and use your network login details. If these details are not accepted it is likely your account is locked. You will need to contact IT support to unlock it. You can email IT support on

If you are unable to connect to the wireless network at home you will need to contact your internet provider.

Apple ID Support
Although we can provide advice on setting up an Apple ID we unfortunately cannot deal with any technical problems you may have with it (such as forgetting password). Because each Apple ID is personal to the student and tied to their individual email account we do not keep a record of details. Most Apple ID problems can be sorted via the Apple website here but you can also call them on 0844 209 0611.

General Support
If you have a more general question about your device then it may be covered in our FAQ section (here). Alternatively please contact us by using the form below.

Please note that the school will be closed from Friday 17th July. We will be collating your queries over the Summer holidays and will respond as soon as we can in September. You may find that your queries are answered in our FAQs section which can be found here.