Why Mobile Devices?

The Gryphon school has always sought to provide students with an exceptional education that integrates the most current and emerging technologies. Our vision is to make e-learning a signature of the school and this involves using the most up to date and intuitive technology that doesn’t take the focus away from learning but simply enhances it.  In order to support this we are facilitating a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment whereby students are encouraged to bring in and make use of existing technology to promote independent and interactive learning.  Our vision BYOD is that it will help provide:

  • Personalised computing devices that provide option for personal customisation, integration and responsibility
  • Access via our wireless network to the internet- removing the need to book out an IT room to do online research
  • An opportunity to participate in 24/7 learning beyond the traditional classroom space
  • Opportunities to engage in collaborative learning
  • A platform to develop research skills and independent learning


To help build this environment teachers have fortnightly CPD where they explore how to use various apps and integrate technology into their lessons.  Teachers are also creating online resources to aid in the 24/7 learning goal.  We have also trained a group of students to become Student Digital Leaders to help with both in class support as well as during break and lunchtime.

We are constantly building on our resources to facilitate a BYOD environment which will ultimately benefit our students by raising their attainment and guiding them to success.